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5 Best Central Air Conditioners for Your Home

5 Best Central Air Conditioners for Your Home

Buying a central air conditioner can cool your home for years, so it’s essential to ensure a good investment.

The main things to look for include:

  • SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio),
  • Decibels (dB),
  • Unique features and 
  • A long-term warranty.

A good SEER rating is a staple for the best central conditioning units. Consult residential air conditioning services to find out more.

Here are the 5 best central air conditioners for your home:
  • Trane – Trane has succeeded thanks to its dedication to delivering quality products. It insists on trained engineers installing and servicing its products for warranties to be valid. Trane air conditioners use the super-efficient Spine Fin Coil, allowing faster cooling. Trane is an authentic, reliable brand, and its range of prices is another great reason to look at what they have to offer. 
  • Goodman – For an efficient yet budget-friendly central air conditioner, Goodman brand is the way to go. Even with its low costs, the company does not compromise on quality, and units are equipped with beneficial onboard diagnostics that help with the maintenance. Goodman air conditioners are almost noiseless. They are famous for excellent warranty  coverage.
  • Amana – Amana is another reputable name in the HVAC industry. Amana air conditioners are dependable, with amazing features to amplify performance. Some products are equipped with a ComfortNet technology system that provides user control by connecting with Wireless accessories. Amana air conditioning systems extend great warranty coverage.
  • Carrier – Carrier is one of the top brands. Its models have a low sound and are almost noiseless. Carrier air conditioners are sturdy and can stand the test of time. Furthermore, its high efficiency and in-built dehumidifier make Carrier appropriate for hot and moist climates and can reduce electric bills.
  • Lennox – Lennox air conditioners are great for people who need efficient and inexpensive solutions for their home. Customers can significantly lower their energy bills with this energy-efficient brand. Lennox air conditioners are suitable for those living in warmer climates. 

      A professional HVAC service company can not only install your central air conditioner safely and properly, but they can provide related air conditioning services. You can also get recommendations on condo heating and cooling system.  

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